About Ironworkers Local #67

About Us

Iron Workers Local 67 covers central Iowa from the Minnesota border to the Missouri border (see our map for more precise county to county locations or contact our local to see if you can partner with us in our area (515) 262-9366 or for jurisdictional questions). At Local 67 we want to be a partner with your company. We believe in supplying the best and brightest Iron Workers in the nation. We achieve this goal with our state-of-the-art training center, the best tools and equipment and giving our instructors the highest level of training and keeping them skilled with the newest innovations for our trade both technically and safety related.

At Iron Workers local 67 we believe in putting family first. We have several 2nd , 3rd and 4th generation Iron Workers in our Local. What does this mean to you?

As an employee it means getting paid what your worth, with the most competitive wages in the state, and a premium benefit plan for you and your family. Our Local hosts an annual family friendly Christmas Party for our members, where you can bring the whole family along to participate in a Christmas meal, photo booths for the whole family, and games for the kids. To finish the evening, we have our fireworks display (that would rival most cities display) just outside our parking lot. Truly an awesome experience.

We put on a Health fair annually in the fall where we offer free comprehensive blood work, Stroke Detection, and a hearing test.

As a contractor, it means you get Iron Workers who live and work in our area, employees who take pride in building the cities where they live, partners in your business, not problems. You will get the best of the best men and women who know and understand what is expected of them day to day for your projects. It means you will get people who are trained, qualified and certified in all aspects of our trade. It is our goal to see all our signatory contractors succeed and grow.

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